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We proudly report the formation of a new company: Clipfactory. This new enterprise carries both the Markclip® and Promoclip® product ranges under the management of Jeroen Jonk.

“Both Markclip® and Promoclip® are established brands in the market. With the formation of Clipfactory we created a new player that fits in perfectly with Buttonboss, the Peppermint Company, Care Concepts and LoGolf in light of its explicit speciality.

It should go without saying that combining the activities of two competing companies opens up new opportunities.

As is the case for the other companies in the Buttonboss Group, Clipfactory will focus entirely on the trading channel,” says Robin Vogel.

Markclip® was established in 1982 and acquired international fame with the sale of printed paperclips. Promoclip® is active in the market since 1994 and acquired a strong market position particularly in the Netherlands and Germany.

Both companies together produce over 15 million clips per year, making Clipfactory the undisputed global market leader.

The Buttonboss Group has its head office in Enschede. Part of the group are Buttonboss, The Peppermint Company, Care Concepts, LoGolf, and now Clipfactory. Together they have over 100 employees and each company operates as an independent entity from its own speciality.

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